My Battlefront 2 Wishlist

E3 happened last week, or to be more specific, EA play and E3, and with it came a whole boat load of information about Battlefront 2. Now, as of right now, I haven’t yet pre-ordered Battlefront 2, but I know I will sometime in the future (digital or physical disc, what do you think?). I don’t really have much of a problem paying $60 for a game, I just want to know that it has all- ok, most of the stuff I want in a game. As a result, I’ve decided to make a list of all the things I want in Battlefront 2 with some vain glimmer of hope that it won’t be a miserable wreck (just kidding EA, you guys got this!). Some of these things have already been confirmed or denied last week during press conferences, demos and interviews.

(More) Better Split Screen Modes

My friends and I have had fun with pretty much all of Battlefront’s split screen modes. Whether we’re fighting for survival in Survival mode, or kicking each other’s butts in Skirmishes and Battles, the couch co-op and offline modes that the current Battlefront already offers have been really fun. Yes, the AI in the skirmishes don’t do a good job at all of replacing actual players, but it has been confirmed that Battlefront 2 won’t make the same mistake of biting off more than it can chew and give a half-baked imitation of the online experience. Good. I’m good with Battlefront adding whatever couch co-op modes they want so long as they are good. However, there are a couple of specifics I’m hoping for.

First of all, split screen online multiplayer. Does this mean that I might have to make another Playstation account and EA account, and then connect the two? Sure. To me, it would be worth it because I have friends who’ve enjoyed playing split screen survival, battles, skirmishes, etc., and would love to play online in the same way, but Battlefront doesn’t have that feature. I know that somewhere along the line it’s probably more difficult than I make it sound, but it would make things much more entertaining than taking turns with one controller.

Second, keep survival. It was one of the biggest reasons for me to get the original, and I would love to still have it in Battlefront 2. Also, I’d like to see how Ea changes things up now that they’re ditching the pickup-token system from Battlefront. Are loudouts and hands going to carry over from multiplayer? Will it feature a COD zombies-like weapon purchase and upgrade system?

Third, if it’s not too much to ask (even though it almost certainly is) is four player split screen. Most of the time I have friends over, they all want to play Battlefront. If EA added this to Battlefront 2, this would motivate me to buy two more controllers (I already have Rocket League and Towerfall: Ascension through PlayStation Plus, both of which support four players). This probably won’t be added because it’d probably only work on the Xbox One X, but then again system-exclusive features hasn’t stopped EA in the past with things like the X Wing VR mission for PSVR.

Add Voice Chat

Hopefully EA is wise enough to not let 40 people talk at each other. I’d like to see something like chat with only your squad. It could really enhance the strategy of the squad system, and it wouldn’t be as chaotic as 20 voices telling each other to flank, play the objective, or stop stealing their kills.

Modes and Maps from Battlefront

Now I get why EA wouldn’t want to do something crazy like have all of their Battlefront maps and modes stand in as their original trilogy content, but I would still like to be able do something like play Walker Assault on Twilight on Hoth or Pod Drop on Sullust. With any luck, these’ll be added farther along the way.

Give First Person a Better Advantage.

I know I heard someone say that there would be more of an advantage to playing first person in Battlefront 2, but if it was there I didn’t really see it. I get that it can be more accurate, but to me it doesn’t beat third person’s improved field of view. Especially in vehicles, the first person perspective seemed kind of inferior, even though it was kind of cool to see the cockpits. One idea that I think would be great is having better visibility with first person view.

Not Too Many Lightsabers, Please!

I get the idea behind having more than two characters have lightsabers in Battlefront 2. I’m just worried about having everyone running around as a Jedi or Sith and having the poor grunts running around getting cut up 10 seconds after respawn every time. There will probably be 6 hero characters with lightsabers, a jedi and sith from each trilogy. I’m fine with this, I just hope that they’re not going to be near carbon-copies of each other.

That’s all, Folks!

That’s all I can think of for now. Let me know in the comments below if there’s anything that you think would be a neat feature for Battlefront 2, be it a cool what-if or a big deciding factor on whether or not you’re going to purchase the game at all.



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