A Quick Thought on Galavant

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Well, yesterday I finished watching ABC’s musical TV show Galavant, and I’d have to say I’m impressed with the series as a whole. They’ve kept it fresh and managed to come up with new (though sometimes inspired) numbers for each episode. They’ve managed to also put in legitimate character development along with tongue-in-cheek humor. In short, I really, really liked it.

Unfortunately, it sounds like we’re not going to get a season 3, but I think that’s fine. Season 2 ended with a nice bow for Galavant, and even though there seemed to be a possible story for Madalena, Gareth and Syd, I’m thinking it would be hard for those three characters to carry a whole season themselves (unless they did an Uncharted 4 and pulled Galavant out of retirement, which could open up opportunity for some tongue-in-cheek nods to A Thief’s End, which I would love). So in my opinion, we should just leave Galavant as it is instead of potentially ruining it with a crappy third season.


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