Review: NF’s Warm Up

Just a little while ago, Christian Rap artist NF released his latest single Warm Up for free (granted, you have to give your email, but it’s at no monetary cost).maxresdefaultSource: Warm Up Official Audio

But is it worth it? Let me ask you, do you like Therapy Session, Mansion and NF? Because this is pretty much more of that. It’s NF brooding about how he’s a troubled person, boasting about his superiority over other rappers, but also talking about how he gives time to his fans. He doesn’t really mention his faith in this song, but that’s beside the point. Warm Up preaches NF’s typical sermon of authenticity, skill and hard work trumping fame, fortune, and the typical celebrity mask put on by the other rappers.

So in conclusion, Warm Up is something NF’s made for his fans, so I wouldn’t suggest this to anyone who’s wondering who this NF character is. I would recommend checking out one of his full albums like Mansion or Therapy Session as they paint a broader picture of who NF is as a musician and as a person than this single.


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