Review: Is Sully Worth Watching in Theaters, or Should I Wait For Home Video?

Source: Sully Official Trailer (YouTube)

About a week or two ago, I went to see Sully in Theaters. Pretty much the only reason I did so was because my Dad and I were bored, we wanted to watch a movie, and Sully was pretty much the only good thing there that we wanted to watch.

Going in, I was cynically expecting Sully to be pretty much just like Bridge of Spies, Steven Spielberg’s 2015 Cold War thriller that, despite having a great premise, a well known director, and Tom Hanks, didn’t live up to critics’ (and my own) expectations of a movie of those characteristics would normally yield. So not only was I surprised when Sully was being well-received by most critics, but I was also surprised  when I actually liked it myself. Tom Hanks makes Sully a believable character who isn’t just a one-dimensional moralistic person who’s out to do the right thing, but someone who’s human. On top of that, the supporting cast, namely Aaron Eckhart (who also played Harvey Dent/ Two Face in The Dark Knight) does an equally good job and gets a generous amount of screen time. In short, it’s far better than Bridge.

So, should you see it now, on the big screen, or wait later and watch it at home (or on a train, on a plain, in a box or with a fox). I’d say that if you have time in your schedule, you should see it in theaters. Really, all you’re missing out on is a couple of extra dollars for a movie ticket. It’s not that there’s that much action (except for the plane scene[s], which were great in theaters), but for some reason I didn’t feel like it was a waste watching in theaters. That being said, you aren’t missing that much either for watching it on your phone or television when it comes to home video. I’ll just leave this at your discretion; if you want to watch Sully now, go ahead, you most likely won’t be disappointed by it’s moderately fast pace and great acting. However, if you want to save five dollars by renting it three or four months from now, like I said before, you won’t be missing much.

I hope this helps you make a decision.


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